Why Can't I Scroll a Webpage?

Episode 1699 (1:54:33)

Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA

Barb has both a Chromebook and Windows laptops. But she's been having issues with scrolling on both. It's stuck.  Could it be due to installing ExpressVPN? Leo says that's unlikely. For the Chromebook, Leo recommends trying the Powerwash feature. Save the stuff into the cloud and then run PowerWash to reset everything. Then once re-logging back in, everything should be back. If the issue comes back, then it could be that her mouse, trackpad, or even the keyboard are dirty and need to be cleaned. Especially the keyboard. There may be stuck keys, especially the spacebar. She can use some canned air and pry off the button and then blow out the kruft. Then press it back on.

It could also be an extension she installed in Google Chrome that's causing it.