The Giz Wiz ... Lit Up

Episode 1699 (2:17:30)

Dickie D joins Leo with some super cool Light Up Terrarium Glass Bulbs! It’s a home decor conversation piece that adds 10 tiny LED’s inside a bulb that also holds a (fake) succulent Agave or Torch Plant! They’re super cool accent decorations will spruce up any bookcase, shelf or table top in your home. (But read about battery life below.) Inside the thick glass light bulb is a mini succulent surrounded by small river rocks. They plants are artificial but they look real. (Make sure no one tries to water them.) The screw in part of the upside down light bulb has a push button on/off switch. They’re battery powered, so they don’t need to be plugged in. But wait, here’s more you should know. The company says you’ll get 4 hours of constant light from one set of 2032 batteries, so don’t leave them on all constantly. And when they 1st arrive be sure to twist off the top and pull out the plastic battery protector tab which is not mentioned in the instructions printed on the box. Also, the box says “BONUS Additional 2 CR2032 Batteries Included.” The secret of where the two extra batteries are will be found on this week’s show, or the video link below. They were two for only $9.90 at Pluse TV, link below also. They were still available as of 5/30/20. They’re branded iZoom.

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