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Watch Martin from California Comments

Martin wants to build a video channel that he can monetize. Leo says it's really hard to create a paywall to charge for videos because people can easily pirate content. People can password-protect, sure, but Leo found it's just simpler and better to give away advertiser-supported content.  But there are companies that do it. Brightcove, Starforce, Sprout Video. The best way to do it is to do stream content live and charge for it. 

Watch Brad from San Diego, CA Comments

Brad says that his company email looks to be compromised. Leo says it's more likely his email address has been "spoofed" by spammers, and it's really easy to falsify or spoof a reply email address. Sooner or later, they will move on to a new random return address. That's why everyone gets spam and even bounced back emails that don't work. So it's unlikely Brad's email address has been compromised, just spoofed. It could also be that people on the mailing list has been compromised through a "phishing" scam, where they click on a link that they shouldn't, and it's installed a bot or virus onto their computer. And there's really nothing that one can do other than encrypt the email. 

One thing Brad can do is use PGP to digitally sign his email, and that any email people get that isn't digitally signed should be ignored.

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Watch Stan from Hawaii Comments

Stan wants to buy the TIVO Edge recently. Leo says that the current deal of $249 is a pretty good deal, but he'll also have to pay for the service, guide, and commercial skip. Stan wants to get a model that he can use over the air with no cable. Leo says that's a good way to go if he's within range of the towers by line of sight.  Leo also recommends visiting and to see what channels he can get!

Watch Rick from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Rick is backing up his photos and after formatting the drive, his Mac can't see it anymore. Leo says it sounds like Rick formatted for the wrong format. He wants to re-format it with exFAT. That makes it readable on both macOS and Windows. Also, choose MBR compatibility or GBT. There's also a utility called PARAGON and FUSE that will teach the Mac to write to NTFS. But reformat that drive in exFAT and you should be OK. It may also be that Rick partitioned the drive, but didn't format it. You have to do both.

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Watch Barb from Rancho Mirage, CA Comments

Barb has both a Chromebook and Windows laptops. But she's been having issues with scrolling on both. It's stuck.  Could it be due to installing ExpressVPN? Leo says that's unlikely. For the Chromebook, Leo recommends trying the Powerwash feature. Save the stuff into the cloud and then run PowerWash to reset everything. Then once re-logging back in, everything should be back. If the issue comes back, then it could be that her mouse, trackpad, or even the keyboard are dirty and need to be cleaned. Especially the keyboard. There may be stuck keys, especially the spacebar. She can use some canned air and pry off the button and then blow out the kruft. Then press it back on.

It could also be an extension she installed in Google Chrome that's causing it. 

Watch Fred from Frasier Park, CA Comments

Fred wants to know if he can tell that a phone call is being forwarded to another number. Leo says not anymore. In the old days with physical switches, users could. But it's all digital now and automatic. In fact, most of it is done in software, so it's completely opaque to the caller. In fact, it's likely not done at the phone company level, but at a gateway to a VOIP network using something like Ring Central.