The Giz Wiz and the Bike Lights

Episode 1697 (2:01:30)


With summer coming, and travel limited, there's no time like the present to blow the dust off your bicycle!  And The Giz Wiz has the perfect accessory. It's called the Tesecu and includes a bright headlight, a Speedometer/Odometer, trip recorder and a horn which offers six different sounds. The horn has a remote that mounts on the handlebars at a convenient place you choose and plugs into the back of the main unit. The 120db bike horn is LOUD, which I found out when I first tried it in my studio. It's possible you might even want to tone it down a bit, perhaps with a piece of tape over the speaker for use in congested areas. The backlit screen records and displays speed, distance and ride time. All this is powered by a rechargeable 2500 mAh battery. The company says the unit is waterproof in the rain, but certainly don't put it in water. The LED taillight features a one-touch switch with four different lighting modes and it too has its own rechargeable battery. The kit sells for about $30 on Amazon, although price there can change at any time.

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