What's causing my mesh network to slow down?

Episode 1696 (48:00)

Ryan from New York City. NY
eero Station

Ryan has noticed his WiFi speed has drastically dropped off as of late. Leo says that with everyone at home now, there's a lot of people working at home, streaming, and doing other things online that cause a lot of congestion. Ryan says what's odd is that his mesh router network gets faster if he unplugs one of the satellites. Leo says your mesh network shouldn't slow down if you have an extra satellite connected. The benefit of Mesh is that it has its own backchannel for access point communications. Leo also says that Google's mesh router speed is definitely slower than others like Eero. But Eero is more expensive. Construction of your apartment walls may also be causing speed issues. Try and keep your satellites within line of sight. 

You can also run Insider to analyze your WiFi signal strength.