Can I import a password vault into Last Pass?

Episode 1696 (1:57:16)

Dave from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA

Dave is moving his password vault to LastPass (who is a sponsor of the TWiT Network & TWiT Studios). Is there a way to import it? Leo says that if you can export your vault to a CSV file, then LastPass can import that. But he aware that once you export that vault into a CSV file, it's unencrypted. But that's the way to do it. 

Dave is also frustrated that he can't add an MP3 to Apple Music. It either denies it or duplicates his playlists. Leo says that could be due to Apple not understanding what it's getting from your device. As such, it's keeping playlists that are even slightly different. The playlists may also be corrupted or messed up. So have a backup of your perfect playlist, so when this happens, you can just replace it.