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Watch Jim from Pleasanton, CA Comments

Jim has been having issues with his email bouncing back on him. It happens with four different hosts. Leo says that the ones that are bouncing are from older ISPs like Earthlink. Gmail adheres to all modern standards, and it may be that those hosts are misconfigured, especially since they all started to happen on the same day. It sounds like Gmail has a new standard protocol enabled that is preventing these carriers from going though to and from Gmail. It'll likely be fixed soon, but it's likely a new Gmail protocol. 

The chatroom says that there are reverse DNS rejections going on. Here's a thread on it -

Watch Eli from San Antonio, TX Comments

Eli is looking to buy a Lenovo Chromebook Duet. Leo says that for the money, $299, it's a great price. Decent 10" screen. Ideal for a "daily driver." The only issue may be the keyboard. What you'll want to do is go into a store and type on it to see if you like it. Another issue is "lapability." You'll not likely be able to use it on your lap. 

Another thing you can do is take an old laptop and create a Chromebook with CloudReady. But Leo says it's a lot of work to get it right. 

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Watch Ryan from New York City. NY Comments

Ryan has noticed his WiFi speed has drastically dropped off as of late. Leo says that with everyone at home now, there's a lot of people working at home, streaming, and doing other things online that cause a lot of congestion. Ryan says what's odd is that his mesh router network gets faster if he unplugs one of the satellites. Leo says your mesh network shouldn't slow down if you have an extra satellite connected. The benefit of Mesh is that it has its own backchannel for access point communications. Leo also says that Google's mesh router speed is definitely slower than others like Eero. But Eero is more expensive. Construction of your apartment walls may also be causing speed issues. Try and keep your satellites within line of sight. 

You can also run Insider to analyze your WiFi signal strength. 

Watch Mike from Banning, CA Comments

Mike is getting some strange autocomplete suggestions when he addresses an email in Outlook. Leo says that Mike can change or turn off autocomplete in the Outlook settings. It should just autocomplete from the contact list, but if it's not doing that, then you can disable all autocomplete suggestions and do it the hard way. Look for an option to autocomplete from contacts and leave that enabled. But turn off everything else. It should be your mail settings.  Leo also recommends moving over to Gmail. The autocomplete is much better and focuses on contacts.

Watch John from Fresno, CA Comments

John wants to know how good the accessibility features are in a Chromebook. Leo says that many Chromebooks have Google Assistant, enabling you to dictate. There's even a button on the keyboard that can enable it. But the screenreaders may not be very good. John is also looking for an affordable mobile service. Leo recommends Mint Mobile. You can pay as you go.

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Watch Tom from Toronto, CAN Comments

Tom just got the Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone, but he saw that the Samsung Galaxy S10 is now the same price. Should he switch? Leo says he really likes the Pixel 4 because it's a pure Google experience. You get a lot of junk with a Samsung phone that unless you like it, you don't really need it. The S10 is a very nice phone, and the screen is as good as it can get. But is it worth getting rid of your Pixel? Keep in mind that the Pixel will be updated quicker because it's pure Google. Samsung has its Touchwiz interface, and that provides an additional layer that will get in the way of updates. Then there's your carrier. Stick with the Pixel 4 XL.

Watch Ted from San Diego, CA Comments

Ted wants to know if he should get a DOCSIS 3.1 modem. Leo says that not everyone is supporting the DOCSIS 3.1 standard, especially for WiFi 6. But it'll certainly be future proof your system for the foreseeable future. How about a WiFi 6 router? Leo says that WiFi 6 routers are out, sure, but they just announced WiFi 6E, and those routers will be out later this year. And any current WiFi 6 router won't support it. Another thing to consider is that you won't get WiFi 6 benefits if your devices are only WiFi5 compatible. So it depends on what your current gear supports. But it won't slow it down. Leo also recommends getting an ASUS router. They use DD-WRT firmware that is more advanced and upgradable. Another option is MERLIN.

Watch Michael from San Diego, CA Comments

Mike has a Western Digital hard drive. But it keeps disconnecting and he has to run check disk to get it to appear again. Leo says that's a clear sign that the drive is beginning to fail. You could run SpinRite to recover the drive, sure, but it's cheaper to buy a new one. But if the data is critical, SpinRite can definitely help.

Watch Dave from Rancho Palos Verdes, CA Comments

Dave is moving his password vault to LastPass (who is a sponsor of the TWiT Network & TWiT Studios). Is there a way to import it? Leo says that if you can export your vault to a CSV file, then LastPass can import that. But he aware that once you export that vault into a CSV file, it's unencrypted. But that's the way to do it. 

Dave is also frustrated that he can't add an MP3 to Apple Music. It either denies it or duplicates his playlists. Leo says that could be due to Apple not understanding what it's getting from your device. As such, it's keeping playlists that are even slightly different. The playlists may also be corrupted or messed up. So have a backup of your perfect playlist, so when this happens, you can just replace it.