Johnny Jet and the Big Beef

Episode 1695 (1:14:50)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is in a big beef with Air Canada after they canceled his flight and refuses to give him a refund. In fact, the Department of Transportation had to announce again that airlines are required to refund the money within 7 days of cancellation. Airlines are also starting to see more activity this week and are now starting to take passenger's temperatures before allowing them to board. In Hong Kong, they tracking passenger movements to be sure they haven't been exposed. 

In other trends, Johnny says that RV use is going to be huge this summer, along with camping. Check out 

RV Websites - Also, check out and for making a park reservation.

beaches are also now opening, but if you visit, don't expect to sunbathe, as you can't lay out a towel and must be kept moving.