Why is WINK charging me to use their device now?

Episode 1694 (1:01:21)

Jeff from Laguna Beach, CA

Jeff says that WINK is now charging people $5 a month to use his WINK Home Hub. Leo says that they've changed the conditions of being able to use their product, especially since it costs over $100. It's not unheard of to charge to store data, but it would be like Amazon charging $5 a month to use the Echo devices out of nowhere. And it's even more frustrating because WINK sold their device with "no fees" as a feature. Now they're charging fees. But if they don't, they'll go out of business.

Options - Switch to SmartThings, Hubitat or Vera Control. But you'll also have to reset all your devices. You'll also have to figure out if it works with all your devices. In the end, WINK is banking on people just accepting the convenience of being charged. And what's worse is, that Leo says we're going to see this happen more and more.

Moving forward, the solution may be Apple's Home Kit. They make so much money on their hardware; they'll likely never charge a monthly fee. Then again, WINK promised the same thing.