What's a good gaming laptop for under $1200?

Episode 1694 (1:19:45)

Erin from Pasadena, CA
Mobius Gaming Laptop - Doghouse Systems

Erin's son wants a good gaming computer that he can also use for video editing. He also wants a laptop. His budget is around $1200. Leo says that the good news is that a good gaming computer than do video editing easily and vice versa. Laptop gaming machines, however, are less powerful because of heat issues. They are also difficult to upgrade so that you won't be able to future proof it. That's why a desktop is likely a better option. And you'll get more bang for your buck too.  But if a laptop is a must, Leo recommends starting at Alienware; it's the gaming arm of Dell. Look at the specs and then see if you can find a company with similar specs for less. Go over to the Dell site and compare. You'll likely save that way. Another option is ASUS Republic of Gaming. They also make very nice desktops. 

Laptops will run into heat issues, and Leo says that the speeds they publish aren't really sustained speeds, especially with an i7. Get an i5 instead. You'll want an SSD for the hard drive and 16GB MINIMUM RAM. Don't forget to include in your budget a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse for a desktop—an RTX 1660 Graphics card.

Doghouse Systems is also a good option for the money.