Is there a sheet feeder for my old scanner?

Episode 1694 (1:58:41)

Ann from Oceanside, CA
Epson Printer

Ann wants to scan a huge amount of documents. Is there some sort of sheet feeder she can add to her old scanner? Leo says you can't really add onto it, but that scanner is so old that it's time to get a new one. Leo recommends a scanner that comes with a sheet feeder and can scan at a page per second. It'll also save automatically to your computer and from there, you can move it online, to an external hard drive, anywhere you want. But Leo recommends being sure she backs up online. What are the chances that the format she uses will be future proof? Leo says that nothing is truly future proof, but once it's digital, you can move it to any new format you need. Keeping it online in the Cloud is also good because all that is handled for you. 

As for brands, Leo recommends the Epson Fast Foto (a sponsor of the TWiT Network). It'll also do photographs as well.