Scott Wilkinson ... Revoked

Episode 1693 (18:25)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo and chimes in on a court case over whether people actually "own" the DVDs and digital media that they buy. In the fine print, it says that you don't really own your media, you own a license to play that media, which can be revoked at any time. But Leo says that physical media is an actual thing you own and can hand down to your heirs. Scott agrees and believes that's why physical media continues to hang on. People like to own things. The other advantage of digital media is that it can be transferred from one media format to another. So as a format becomes obsolete, the data can be transferred to a new format. 

In other home theater news, Scott says that there's a company in Italy that is experimenting with low-cost Raspberry Pi computers to play high-end audio and video files. But the question is, would anyone really notice?