The Giz Wiz and the Hiplock

Episode 1693 (2:10:30)


Hiplok Z Lok are reusable security ties designed to provide fast, conveniently added protection for shortstops. They can be used as basic security for bikes, luggage at the airport, etc. Z LOK is available in both a keyed and combination lock version in a variety of colors. It has a lock and holds ratchet design, sort of like a tie wrap, but with a big difference. This one has a reinforced steel core. The company says they’re for basic security in low-risk areas, like when you run into a shop for coffee or a newspaper. There's a lower-priced version, but Dick doesn't like them because they all use the same key. So once someone buys one of those keyed Z Loks, they can open any of the keyed Z Locks. The three Digit combination Z Lok with number reset function is built much better and offers more security. They’re both inexpensive at about $12.50 for the keyed version & $25 for the Combo lock version. You can find the Combo lock on sale for about $20 on Amazon.

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