What camera should I use for streaming church services?

Episode 1692 (56:36)

Aaron from Bismark, ND
Canon M200

Aaron's church is using OBS studio and Facebook Live to stream services to the faithful. They are looking at returning to regular services in three weeks, and it will require moving the camera setup to the back of the sanctuary. So what kind of cameras should he get that would be affordable, but effective? Leo says you need a camera with "live, clean HDMI out." Canon makes a small point and shoot that Leo has been using called the Canon M200. Canon designed it for this very purpose. They're about $400-500. Not cheap, but it will do just what you need. Also, get some lights so that the image doesn't get grainy. You'll also need a "dummy battery" that will enable you to power it with AC power. Canon has also released new firmware that enables any EOS DSLR to be used in the same fashion.