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Watch Jason from Henrico County, VA Comments

Jason wants to know if the Facebook Portal is safe to use for Grandma keeping in touch with family. Leo says that the Portal is very easy to use and comes in three models. It's also really easy to make calls. You just say "call [name]," and it calls. It will also zoom in on the speaker and follow them as they move around. Great for talking to grandkids. And if everyone is on Facebook anyway, it's a great way to keep in touch. 

What app should she use to watch TWiT on Apple TV? Leo says that they don't have one, but there was one called "MyTWiT" that worked pretty well. There's also Channel TWiT.

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Watch Jim from Laguna Beach, CA Comments

Jim has a Ricoh Theta One 360 camera. He installed a third party fisheye plugin to it to improve the dynamic range with HDR. It uses Android to access remotely. So which Android tablet should he get to access the footage? Leo says all the Android tablets are basically terrible now. The best is Samsung's Galaxy Tab, and it's not cheap. Another option is the Asus line. They are more affordable. So that may work for you. If you could get the plugins to work with the Amazon Fire Tablet, they're under $100.

Ricoh sells its own app that you may want to look into; it'll work on a desktop.

Watch Aaron from Bismark, ND Comments

Aaron's church is using OBS studio and Facebook Live to stream services to the faithful. They are looking at returning to regular services in three weeks, and it will require moving the camera setup to the back of the sanctuary. So what kind of cameras should he get that would be affordable, but effective? Leo says you need a camera with "live, clean HDMI out." Canon makes a small point and shoot that Leo has been using called the Canon M200. Canon designed it for this very purpose. They're about $400-500. Not cheap, but it will do just what you need. Also, get some lights so that the image doesn't get grainy. You'll also need a "dummy battery" that will enable you to power it with AC power. Canon has also released new firmware that enables any EOS DSLR to be used in the same fashion.

Watch Hall from Chattanooga, TN Comments

Hall bought an iPhone that cost him $1400. The sound is terrible. So he sent it back and Apple says the problem isn't in hardware, it's software and as such, the phone warranty doesn't apply. Leo says that the phone is a lemon and Apple needs to make it right. Even if it was software, who makes the software? APPLE DOES! So if the phone doesn't work, it needs to be replaced.

Watch Myron from Bernsville, MN Comments

Myron has an OwlCam and his LTE is still working. Leo says that he couldn't get his to work because OwlCam has closed down their service. So if it's still working now, it'll likely stop working soon. Maybe after his subscription runs out for the month.

Myron has also installed PopOS on his Thinkpad and it won't work. Leo says to turn off secure boot in the BIOS/Setup. It's designed to make sure you've installed a legitimate copy of Windows. Select F1 during boot up. Go to the security tab. Disable Secure Boot. That should fix it.

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Watch Bob from New Jersey Comments

Bob went to download PopOS and it says it will only run on a 64-bit system. His old PC is a 32-bit system. Options? Leo says unless it's really old, it may be 64 bit compatible, even if it had a 32 bit OS installed. Most Intel processors are 64 bit and it's still worth trying. Boot up from a USB key and see if it runs. You can run it without installing it. If everything works, then your good and can move to install it. So give that a go. If it doesn't, there are other Linux versions designed to work on 32-bit machines. Try Xubuntu. Puppy Linux is another one. 

Bob is also having issues connecting via WIFI with his phone. It just says "internet not available." Leo says that try to reset the network settings. If that doesn't work, then if you don't care about the data, you can reset the phone to factory default settings. If that doesn't work, then chances are, the hardware has failed. 

Watch Gary from Buffalo, NY Comments

Gary discovered that his OwlCam is still working, recording to local storage. Then you can download it to your mobile phone or wifi network. Leo says that you can still use it if you don't mind the extra steps you have to take. But it won't upload anything if your car gets stolen or broken into.

Watch Richard from Centerville, OH Comments

Richard wants to upgrade his Mac Mini to an iMac. What's the biggest bang for the buck, the 21.5" or the 27"? Leo says to get the larger screen if you can afford it. If not, why not just get a new Mac Mini? Richard always has a screen, mouse and keyboard. The Mini has been upgraded and is now a pretty compelling product. You can get a six-core i7 Mini with a nice SSD and RAM for less than that iMac. Or if you need the iMac, go with a six-core i5 and the Radeon Pro instead of the i7. It'll save you $200 that you can put into more RAM or the larger screen. The downside is, it has a fusion drive in it. So upgrade to the SSD drive for it instead.

Watch Don from Dana Point, CA Comments

Don wants to create an archive PST file with folders in Outlook. Leo says you can do that by going to export and selecting the folder and add to the PST file. 

How can he let a speaker know he's recording him while streaming multiple cameras for the church? Leo says those are called Tally lights, and if they aren't built-in, Leo recommends using the ATEM mini, which will activate the Blackmagic Camera's tally lights when switching. But for aftermarket lights, there is CUEBI and

Watch Ken from California Comments

Ken has reinstalled Windows 10 on an old Dell laptop, and it's running way too slow. So he's trying to install Linux instead. But it won't boot from the USB key no matter how hard he tries. Leo says to make sure you format the USB key into a UEFI format. That should enable it to read it.