Johnny Jet ... at your suggestion

Episode 1691 (1:14:50)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about how to get a refund on a prepaid car rental. First off, Johnny recommends never prepaying, because you'll have a hard time getting it back. Right now, with everything up in the air, it's not worth the hassle. And the savings really isn't that much. 

Big travel news this week - all major US airlines are requiring passengers wear a mask while on the plane. United Airlines is going to start boarding from the rear of their planes, and at five row increments, so that people don't pass through others while boarding the plane. Johnny Jet says they have always should've been doing that, so that's a good development.

Good Twitter to follow - @TSAMedia_LisaF. She'll keep an update on how many passengers go through TSA checkin nationwide. The trend shows a slight uptick in travel, but Johnny Jet says it's still not safe enough to fly. The TSA has also changed the rules regarding hand sanitizer, you can now bring up to 12 oz bottles. Johnny Jet also recommends wipes.