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Episode 1691 May 2, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Larry from San Francisco, CA Comments

Larry has been having a strange issue booting up to his Dell laptop, which is now a blurry image. Leo says that when you log into Windows, the login screen pulls a background image for it. Microsoft has a "blur" effect with the May 2019 update (vs. 1903) for the login screen. It's called "transparency effects." He can disable it in personalization settings, under colors. Check out this article from TechRepublic.

Watch Jeff from New York City, CA Comments

Jeff is looking to get an outdoor TV and heard about SunBrite. Is that a good brand?  Scott says that they make fine TVs that are very bright LCD TVs, and hardened for the weather. SkyView is another. Leo also advises getting an enclosure like the TV Shield and adding a ROKU stick or Fire TV stick. While the TV may be weather resistant, the Roku or FireTV stick would not be. So getting an enclosure would protect those electronics as well. Check out the TVShield enclosure. 

Watch David from Orange, CA Comments

David has a JBL SB400 and the audio is inconsistent, and muddy, especially for dialogue. It's maddening. Leo says that most TV programming is now mixed for surround sound and as such, the dialogue channel can sound muddier thanks with Dolby 5.1 enabled soundbars. If running through the ARC audio return channel, that can also contribute to it. Scott recommends going into the audio menu of the TV and look for the ARC setting. See if it sends 5.1 or 2.1. Choose 2.1 for that Soundbar since it doesn't have a center channel. 

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Watch Ron from San Marcos, CA Comments

Ron has an old Mac running OSX High Sierra. Now it's taking forever to back up after a recent update. Leo says that the update may have been corrupted and as such, it's searching for a file that it can't read. It may also be that the hard drive is flakey or is about to tie. If he gets another Mac, he can copy the data over from that old hard drive before it completely fails. When he boots it up, he should hold down the "T" key. That will turn it into "target disk mode," and that would enable the ability to connect another computer and copy the data over. But it has to support firewire.

When the Apple Store reopens, he can have a genius do it.

Watch Doctor Mom from San Diego, CA Comments

Doctor Mom calls in to ask Leo what can kids do if they have to use a computer that runs Flash for their online schooling? Leo says that there's a browser called "Dolphin" that used to support Flash. But it doesn't anymore. If they're using courseware from YouTube, that would be automatically converted to HTML5. Apple may have support or a workaround since it is working heavily to get into the education space. Call Apple. 

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Gloria from North Hollywood, CA Comments

Gloria has a TV with a Roku stick. But her stick doesn't support Disney Plus now. So what should she get to replace it? Leo says to stick with Roku and get the Roku Ultra. That's $100, half that of the Apple TV. But the Roku Express will work too, and it's $30. 

Watch Jose from Modesto, CA Comments

Jose is getting a buzzing interference in his USB mic. Leo says that's usually noise created by the USB cable. So try a different cable. Leo also says a cheaper microphone may also be the culprit, depending on how cheap the mic is. Leo uses a Heil PR40 with a SoundDesign USB Pre2. But the FocusRite Scarlet also works with an XLR mic. Leo also says the SHURE SM58 is an affordable mic that gives more bang for the buck. It all comes down to circuitry.

Watch Charles from Virginia Beach, VA Comments

Charles wants to get a new TV. But he's confused. LED. LCD. OLED? Leo says there are really only two technologies OLED and LED. LEDs are less expensive and work better in bright ambient light. OLEDs are better image quality and color, but he will need to darken the room. Then there's resolution. Most TVs now are 4K. That translates to a sharper image and with HDR, there's bolder colors and better blacks. It also gives better detail in bright light or darker scenes. Leo recommends TCL, it has Roku built-in and they are very affordable. Another option is HiSense. Both are aggressive to get into the US market. Great budget TVs. For a little bit more, Vizio is a great bargain. It's like a second-tier company. First-tier: Samsung, Sony, and LG. But if he can get a 70" TCL for the price of a smaller Samsung, get the TCL.

You'll also want to think about sound, as the speakers in a TV are more of an afterthought and not very good. Vizio makes a great soundbar. But get one with a subwoofer.