Is Chrome secure anymore?

Episode 1690 (43:54)

Rob from Tarzana, CA
Google Chrome

Rob read an article in Forbes that Google's Chromium engine uses Windows code to remain secure. That concerns him. Leo says that the article isto be taken with a grain of salt. First off, consider all the updates. That leads Leo to believe it was written without all the facts. But all programs rely on Windows 10 libraries. Leo does, however, recommend Iridium as a browser, because it uses the Chrome engine and has all of Chrome's sandboxing and security features. The bonus with Iridium though, is that it's very fast because it doesnt waste time tracking for ad purposes, nor do you need to install an ad blocker.

But Leo says that Project Zero noticed this change as well. It was due to a change that broke something in the sandboxing features. Features getting broken after updates happens all the time, and are usually quickly repaired.  Leo says to always keep your browser and OS up to date so you can have fixes as they come down the pipe. But on the whole, it's not really something to worry about if you keep everything up to date.