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Watch Rick from Glendale, CA Comments

Rick wants to do a text message mass mailing with a BCC (blind carbon copy). Is there a way to do it? Leo says there isn't using iOS because of privacy reasons. But Android messages may have a BCC option. But Android changes features all the time, so if you can do it this month, you may not be able to the next time it gets updated. There are third-party apps that can do it. The challenge though, is everyone would need to use the same app. Apps include TextPlus, Textra, Telegram (that's the one Leo likes). One way to do it would be with the group text message option. It would be a short cut that would prevent you from having to add each number one by one. 

Watch Barbara from Long Island, NY Comments

Barbara's Mac is starting to run out of room, and she wants to know if she can delete space from the "other" category? Leo says some of it, sure. There's likely a lot of temporary files, text messages, and the like. But you need a tool that understands what goes into the "other" category in macOS. Onyx is an app that Leo uses to clear out temporary files to make room. Another option is to move the data to iCloud and then turn on optimize storage. Another extreme option is to backup your data, wipe and then reinstall macOS to start over.

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Watch Rob from Tarzana, CA Comments

Rob read an article in Forbes that Google's Chromium engine uses Windows code to remain secure. That concerns him. Leo says that the article isto be taken with a grain of salt. First off, consider all the updates. That leads Leo to believe it was written without all the facts. But all programs rely on Windows 10 libraries. Leo does, however, recommend Iridium as a browser, because it uses the Chrome engine and has all of Chrome's sandboxing and security features. The bonus with Iridium though, is that it's very fast because it doesnt waste time tracking for ad purposes, nor do you need to install an ad blocker.

But Leo says that Project Zero noticed this change as well. It was due to a change that broke something in the sandboxing features. Features getting broken after updates happens all the time, and are usually quickly repaired.  Leo says to always keep your browser and OS up to date so you can have fixes as they come down the pipe. But on the whole, it's not really something to worry about if you keep everything up to date.

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Watch Al from Charlon, MS Comments

Al wants to block all internet traffic coming into his Windows 7 computer so he can use it in his local area network. Leo recommends using the Windows firewall, allowing traffic through 192 for access to your network, and block everything else. You can also do it through the router. 

Watch Naomi from Denver, CO Comments

Naomi wants to know if it's worth paying a service to get her voiceover work. Leo says no, he recommends avoiding people who promise to get you work if you pay them. The exception would be taking a voiceover class. is a great place to get started, as is, You signup, upload a sample and then wait for an opportunity. It's those first few gigs that will be the hardest to get. But once you get them under your belt, you get more jobs. Leo also recommends being versatile with voices and put them on your reel. Also, contact local radio stations and offer your services. 

What Linux should she use on an old computer? Leo says PopOS is his favorite right now.

Watch Grant from White Bear Lake, MN Comments

Grant is thinking of dropping his cellphone and just use Google Voice. Another option is Skype. Leo says that it could work if you use a mobile device that is data only. That's the biggest issue. Tello is one such service. But it depends on how much voice bandwidth you use, as after a set amount, Tello drops to 2G speeds. Voice takes 86kbps, and 2G is 100kbps. So it's possible. 

Watch Judy from Puerto Ranch, CA Comments

Judy has a ten-year-old Sony Bravia TV with an original AppleTV. But it buffers a lot. Would a newer Apple TV eliminate that? Leo says it's more likely your internet connection, but it could also be your wifi connection to the Apple TV. There could be a lot of congestion on that 2.4 GHz band. It's time for a new Apple TV, for sure. How does she enable subtitles with her TV? Leo says you have to do it in the Apple TV as well.

Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom wants to know when he'll be able to get 6Ghz WiFi? Leo said that FCC just approved WiFi 6 as a standard. And WiFi 6 routers are just coming out. WiFi 6 is faster and more reliable too. Leo recommends Ubiquity. But Leo says WiFi 6E routers will be coming by the end of the year, and they'll be able to see through walls and will be great for Mesh routers. And nobody will be on it because it's so new.

Watch Glen from Torrance, CA Comments

Glen is an automation electronics expert and he doesn't think an autonomous car will be ubiquitous for a long time since people won't feel safe in them for quite a while. Leo agrees; the technology isn't there yet, and may not be for years. But he also thinks that auto insurance companies may push for the system to be adopted.