The Giz Wiz ... Hanging out

Episode 1689 (2:11:40)


This weeks' gadget is a hanging kitchen trash can. It's said to save space and help keep the kitchen clean and tidy. It works with reusable grocery bags. It can hang on the edge of a drawer, the top of a cabinet, or even in the back seat of the car, hanging on the seat pocket. The company says the trash can is made of grade environmental protection material, and I have no idea what that is, except it feels like some sort of plastic. As you'll see in the video, it can be used half-open, or fully open. Fully open it can stand as a small trash bin for bedroom or bedroom. The plastic bag holder slips off and can be used to push small garbage off the counter right into the hanging trash can. The dimensions are on the photo (left) and one reviewer said it works great with 3 gallons trash bags. I paid $20 for the tan version, there's a grey version too, often with a different price. There are other companies selling what looks like this exact trash can for a buck or two less. Link below.

Giz Wiz Video:

This is the one Dick bought, but click on “compare with similar items” to see other versions that might be exactly the same for a dollar or two less. 

This Amazon retailer has a tan + a white one for under $30. Price can change at any time!