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Episode 1689 April 25, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Trevor from Ft. Worth, TX Comments

Trevor has a special needs teenager and he needs to get her a phone that has no access to the internet but can send text messages. Leo says don't completely rule out a smartphone as there are plenty of apps out there for special needs people. But it can be risky, so maybe waiting on a smartphone is a wise idea. The iPhone has excellent parental controls though.  A feature phone, or flip phone, is inexpensive and you may be able to get one for free. But texting is a lot harder on a flip phone.

Watch Sue from OFallon, IL Comments

Sue wants to know what new Windows computer she should buy. Leo says that he's noticed that 99% of what he does right now is through a web browser. So that means a Chromebook is ideal. For most people, Windows is really overkill and requires people to become an expert in the OS, especially in security. But a Chromebook offers much better security for just about everyone and if something goes awry, they can simply "powerwash" it... and they're back up in minutes. So for most people, the default really shouldn't be a Windows PC these days. 

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Watch Joey from San Diego, CA Comments

Joey has a basic phone connected to his Obihai and he's having issues hearing people on the other end. Leo says to try swapping out the phone to see if it eliminates the issue. If it persists, it could be the device itself. Another issue could be his upstream. If upload speed is really slow, there could be some severe latency that's dropping the packets in real-time. Also, put the Obihai to the internet connection first, and then add the router. That's how it should be installed.

Watch Jerry from Hatfield, PA Comments

Jerry's Android phone has run out of room. He's added an SD card to it, but how can he make space? Leo says that phone companies really shouldn't be selling 16GB phones anymore. That's just not enough room. Delete whatever apps you can and move data to the SD card. He will have to go into the settings to tell the phone where he's holding the data.

Watch Pete from Clinton Township, Michigan Comments

Pete has a TV that won't turn on with the remote. He has to turn it on manually from behind. So he's looking for a new 55" that won't break the bank. Leo says that TCL and HiSense are very affordable because they are trying to break into the US market. Much like Vizio. TCL also has a Roku built into it, making it very affordable.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Mike from Cerritos, CA Comments

Mike recently found out their cruise had been canceled. The Cruiseline has offered a 120% credit towards a future cruise, or 140% credit if booked by May. Should he book one for the summer? Leo says nobody knows what the world will be like, and the cruise line doesn't want to give cash back. Leo says to take cash if they offer it. And the real question is ... will that cruise line even be around next year? Leo suspects the industry is going to have a serious shake up and the only sure bet is to get the money back. 

Watch Victor from Pasadena, CA Comments

Victor has a 3D Bluray player in his laptop and he's concerned that his software doesn't support 3D in the latest release. Leo says it's probably still supported, it's likely just not featured on the list of features because they want to focus on newer options. Give them a call.

Watch Kevin from Vancouver, BC Comments

Kevin wants to know if the Yubikey is better than other hardware authenticators. Leo says probably not. Hardware is pretty ubiquitous now. And the mere presence of the hardware is key because it's a physical authenticator that generates a one time code that is tied to the physical key. So it's very secure. The worst is an SMS text authenticator.