Why doesn't my HDMI cable work with my new cable box?

Episode 1688 (37:20)

Rick from Capistrano Beach, CA
Comcast Cable Box

Rich switched out his cable box from Cox, but now his HDMI cable no longer works, just the cable that works with the Cox Box. Why would that be? Leo says not all HDMI cables are alike. It's likely a newer HDMI standard with the newer box, so the older HDMI 1.4 cable may not be supported. Or, it's just serendipitous that your HDMI cable has worn out. You can get a modern 4K HDMI cable at MonoPrice for around $8. Check out this Cox Tech Note. There's also this one - https://forums.cox.com/forum_home/tv_forum/f/tv-forum/23298/hdmi-on-contour-box-not-compatible-with-hdmi-on-tv