Why can't I install Windows 10 on my old laptop?

Episode 1688 (55:05)

Bob from Leonia, New Jersey
Windows 10

Bob upgraded most of his laptops to Windows 10. But he has one laptop that is running into trouble upgrading. He discovered that being an old HP 32 bit laptop, its ATI Video card isn't supported to make the switch. Leo says that there may be a separate motherboard graphics card built-in. You can try disabling the card in the BIOS and see if the motherboard card will work. But that may not work. Without drivers, you're kind of stuck. 

But all is not lost: Bob can always install Linux on it. Leo likes PopOS.  Download it, put it on a USB key, and then boot from it. If it runs, you're in great shape. But make sure you backup your data first, because you'll be wiping the drive completely.