Apple Announces slightly larger iPhone SE

Episode 1688 (02:37)

iPhone SE 2nd Gen

This week, Apple announced the new iPhone SE in black, white, and "product red," which proceeds will go to CoVid19 relief. The SE model has no headphone jack and costs $399. Leo says it's based on the iPhone 8 chassis and has the guts of the iPhone 11. But Leo is still bothered by a lack of headphone jack, meaning the money you save on the phone is eaten away by expensive Bluetooth AirPods. 

It also comes with a single camera, which Leo says is a very good camera. 

Apple also announced the new Magic Keyboard for the 12" iPad Pro, and at $400 it promises to make the iPad more like a laptop. It also has a trackpad, and the keyboard is the same keyboard as the MacBook Air. But still, that price!  It will make the iPad Pro more expensive as the MacBook Air!