What Webcam Should I Buy for Video Conferencing?

Episode 1687 (1:46:22)

Susan from Fullerton, CA

Susan installed Zoom to handle her physical therapy sessions online. She discovered though, that her computer has no camera or microphone built-in. So what should she get? She doesn't want to spend a lot in a limited amount of time. Leo says if she doesn't have a laptop or a smartphone, then she needs to be looking to buy a webcam. Leo likes Logitech's webcams. The Logitech C922 or C910 is great. They have built-in microphones as well and plug into your USB port. But they are all back-ordered right now. Delivery probably in May or June. Therefore, the used ones are going to over $200 on eBay. The Echo Autofocus HD Cam is $60 on Amazon. Looks pretty good. Read the reviews.

A smartphone would be the easiest solution if she will need to upgrade.

She can also get a WyzeCam and with a firmware update, use it as a webcam.