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Watch Johnny from Atlanta, GA Comments

Johnny bought the OwlCam, and now that they are out of business, he doesn't have access to the online backup. Leo says that their online servers were likely shut down. If it still records, there may be an SD card option, or maybe WiFi sync. But Zirgo recently bought all Owlcam assets, so there's always hope that they may continue it on. 

Johnny's church bought a MEVO plus for streaming services. Leo says it's a great option. But it's only one camera that pans and zooms. But it's 4K, so he can stream four different 1080p angles. But he can't do multiple cameras together. Leo recommends the Blackmagic ATEM Mini for that. $300 and it gives him four different HDMI connections. But he also needs cameras that won't time out and shut down after 29 minutes.

Check out ElGato, they have a page that talks about doing a streaming video setup with multiple cameras. RODE's USBGo mics are also very good for the money. SURE also makes mics for the iPhone and he can stream directly from that with a much better solution than from a desktop!

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Watch Rob from Arlington, TX Comments

Rob uses Google Photos to back up his phone's photos. He wants to get those Google Photos pics onto a hard drive. Leo recommends Google Takeout, which allows users to download data from their Google features (including Photos). It allows users to download in a variety of formats and helps to avoid disaster if they get locked out of their account. 

Watch John from Patterson, CA Comments

John has spinning hard drives to back up data, and wonders if SSDs are more reliable nowadays. Leo says that SSDs have a feature called wear-leveling that takes care of the limited read/write cycle issue they used to have. Whenever Leo buys new drives, it's a Solid-State.

Watch Bob from LA, CA Comments

Bob wants to get into writing, and he has an iPad to do it. Leo says a computer is a much better option than an iPad. That virtual keyboard isn't very comfortable.  What software should he use? Leo says that there are plenty of word processors out there, many of them are free. Notepad, on Windows, is a good basic word processor. But Leo really likes Typora. It has a ton of great features including word count, lists, and markdowns. But it's basically designed to encourage a free flow of typing without getting bogged down.

But a computer also offers a lot of distractions from games, the internet, etc. A lot of people are recommending JUST TYPE. Another good one is Scrivener. It's about $50.

How about dictation software? Leo says that all operating systems have voice dictation built-in. It's enabled under accessibility settings. 

Should he upgrade to Windows 10? Leo says YES. And he can upgrade from Windows 7. What Leo recommends is downloading the Microsoft Windows Media Creation Tool to a USB key, and then run the installation from that. 

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Watch Susan from Fullerton, CA Comments

Susan installed Zoom to handle her physical therapy sessions online. She discovered though, that her computer has no camera or microphone built-in. So what should she get? She doesn't want to spend a lot in a limited amount of time. Leo says if she doesn't have a laptop or a smartphone, then she needs to be looking to buy a webcam. Leo likes Logitech's webcams. The Logitech C922 or C910 is great. They have built-in microphones as well and plug into your USB port. But they are all back-ordered right now. Delivery probably in May or June. Therefore, the used ones are going to over $200 on eBay. The Echo Autofocus HD Cam is $60 on Amazon. Looks pretty good. Read the reviews.

A smartphone would be the easiest solution if she will need to upgrade.

She can also get a WyzeCam and with a firmware update, use it as a webcam. 

Watch Dave from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Dave says his 10-year-old Mac got hacked, and his Apple ID password was changed. But he can't use his iPad until he verifies it. So he can't use it at all. Leo suggests wiping the old Mac drive and reinstalling the macOS. Also, change the User ID password. Dave will have to call up APPLE to reclaim it.