How Do I Move My Pics From My Hard Drive to Another Drive?

Episode 1685 (1:45:00)

Stacy from Commerce township, MI
Google photos

Stacy's hard drive is filling up after scanning a ton of photos. Her computer only has two USB ports. Does she need a hub in order to connect a USB thumb drive with an external hard drive? Leo says no. She should be able to plug them both in, and then drag from one to the other. But remember, if she deletes those images off the thumb drive, she still only has one copy. She should have three. Use Google Photos to upload them. Flickr gives 1000 photos for free. Shutterfly is free. And if she is an Amazon Prime user, she gets free photo backup as well. Leo also recommends using Second Copy, so she can be sure she has a synced duplicate to the second hard drive.