How Can I Create a Webinar on Zoom?

Episode 1685 (1:03:00)

Wayne from Irvine, CA

Wayne is an Alaska wilderness guide and he's creating some audio Zoom webinars during the quarantine. What microphone should he use? Leo says that any mic will work, but he will need a digital interface to connect it to a laptop. Leo uses the Sound Devices MixPre. Other There's also the Focusrite Scarlet. Can he plug a DSLR into his computer and use it? Leo says he could, but he could also just record and then convert the output. Leo uses the Blackmagic ATEM Mini. It's $300 and it'll take up to four HDMI connections and he can switch between them. Check out eCamm as well. It's all in software but it will also work with any camera on the mac. If he uses a camcorder, remember that the camera will go to sleep if he has a battery in it. So take the battery out and plug in the AC to power it.