Using Zoom has multiple security and privacy issues

Episode 1684 (46:28)


While Zoom is helpful in keeping people connected during the Covid19 isolation, it also has huge privacy issues. Firstly, Zoom installed a web server on the background of Apple computers that would stay even if you uninstalled the software. Apple has fixed that, but Zoom was very slow to respond. There are also security issues with "Zoom bombing" where trolls are crashing meetings and posting offensive material. Leo recommends turning on the Zoom waiting room in the app settings so that people can get into your meeting without first being recognized. Users can also lock a meeting once everyone is in it. 

Zoom is also spying on users, passing on user data to Facebook. Zoom isn't encrypted either.

Zoom is easy to use sure, but you need to make sure your software is secure and locked down in the settings to prevent issues.

Alternatives include Facetime, which supports up to 32 people at a time. But everyone has to have an Apple product to sue. There's also Google Hangouts, Facebook Messenger (50 people), Whats App (50 people), Slack, Jitsi.