How can I cut the cable?

Episode 1684 (1:29:23)

Harold from West Covina, CA
YouTube TV

Harold's father is tired of paying $200 a month to watch TV on cable. So he wants to cut the cord. He's looking at the FireTV with Sling. Leo says that the FireTV is fine, but they are engineered to encourage buying stuff from Amazon. Leo prefers the Roku player. There's also the Apple TV. Leo also recommends YouTubeTV for his local channels and other streaming options. Sling is another that's good; AT&T has one, but Leo's favorite is YouTube TV. It's $50. But that, on top of the internet, and you're already over $100. In fact, you will likely pay more for your internet without the TV bundle. Then there's Netflix. HBO Go, Disney+. Old movies can be seen for about $8 a month with the Criterion channel. Then there's BritBox for British TV shows. So, if you're not careful, you end up being right back up to $200 again. There are free services like LOCast. But you end up with breaks and ads that can be annoying.

The Roku Ultra has voice command, which works really well. Apple TV has Siri.