Scott Wilkinson ... The Beginning of the End for Theaters

Episode 1683 (20:20)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about how Disney+ recently released Onward because theaters are closed. Leo says this may be the beginning of the end for the Movie Palace. Scott says even the largest theater chains are in trouble, and it means that some chains won't survive the Covid19 outbreak. Leo also says this has been a long time coming, with home theater systems becoming so affordable and television screens getting larger and larger while the prices fall. But then again, every time a new technology comes out, there's talk of the end for older venues. Largely, many will survive, but it's definitely going to be a seed change as far as first-run movies going to services, rather than theaters.

What's an affordable home system? TCL has one for under $1000 for a 4K HDR TV. You can get a soundbar for a few hundred. A hundred for a streaming box. 

ROKU has a ton of free content. As does HBO Go. And many services are offering 30 days for free. CBS All Access is offering Star Trek Picard and a free month. The coupon code is GIFT.