Johnny Jet and the mandatory refund

Episode 1683 (1:02:40)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet joins Leo to talk about the recent determination by the Department of Transportation that airlines are now required to refund customers if flights are canceled due to the Covid19 outbreak. If they don't, they face prosecution. Check out the Cranky Concierge for his Refund Hunter service. 

He also says that some people are still traveling, but only because they have no choice. One woman had to travel to visit her mother before she died. The woman was the only passenger on the plane, so she was upgraded to first class. 

When traveling, bring a face mask. Airlines may move your seat to maintain proper social distancing. Wipes help. Travel tip - point the air right at you to create a kind of "force field," and bring a blanket to stay warm. But really, unless you have to, you shouldn't be traveling right now.