The Giz Wiz ... Playing With Your Food!

Episode 1683 (2:03:22)

Giz Wiz

Want a bit more freedom when feeding kids 18 months up to 4 years of age? Meet Constructive Eating plates & utensils. Here's how the company describes them. Our products are used both independently by young children and my parents when they are feeding their children before those young ones have the dexterity to handle the utensils on their own. The most popular age range for a child to independently use our utensils and plates is about 18 months up to 4 years. The Pusher makes it easy to gather food and put it on either a fork or a spoon. It works especially well with foods such as rice, peas and mashed potatoes. From the website: "All of our utensils and plates are dishwasher safe. Our Construction Plate, Garden Fairy Plate, and Activity Plate are all microwave safe. Our utensils, plates, and placemats are all Made in the USA. Our Front Loader Plush is manufactured in China. Our products are fully tested against the requirements of the CPSIA, ASTM, FDA, and EN71. Our utensils and plates are constructed out of two different plastics that chemically bond to one another. We do not use any paints in our utensils or plates." A 3 piece utensil set is $14.99, and the plates are $19.99. Use "stayhome15" for an unannounced 15% off. The discount is not mentioned on the website.

Company demo Video. (1st half has sound, 2nd half doesn't but it shows kids having fun with the Constructive gear.):  

Company website:  Use “stayhome15” for unannounced 15% discount. (It's not on their website, just add it at checkout if you decide to buy.)