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Episode 1683 April 4, 2020

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Audience Questions

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Watch Libby from Torrance, CA Comments

Libby is thinking about getting a bidet toilet seat. Thoughts? Leo says he loves his. But she needs both a plumber and an electrician to install it. Leo uses the Toto Washlets. Doctor Mom says Wayfair is having a sale on them.

Watch Don from Dana Point, CA Comments

How can Don record a video chat? Leo says it depends on the service. Most should have the ability to record built-in. So hunt around. Skype does, for sure. Remember though, each state has its own laws about securing permission, but it's just plain polite to ask. California, for instance, is a 2 party state, which means both have to give permission. 

Don is looking to get the Lenovo Yoga Y40. Leo says that's a huge device. A desktop replacement. But don't expect a lot of battery life on it. But it's got a beautiful, large screen. Great keyboard. But the trackpad is a pit off-balanced to the right. 

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Watch Tom from Johnson Creek, WI Comments

Tom used the DISH App with the original Sling box and he loved it. But they don't use those services anymore. What is a good alternative for watching TV on the road? Leo says that times are changing. It's a great idea, but people aren't really doing that anymore. However, Chromecast is a good portable option. But most of the cable companies offer that kind of service. It's called OTT (Over the Top). These days, OTT services include YouTube TV, SLING, DirecTV Go. And you can always log into them online remotely and airplay.

Watch Ross from California Comments

Ross can't do two-factor authentication with Republic Wireless. What can he do? Leo says that's a huge problem that Republic has to address. Are there alternatives? Leo uses a dongle called Yubikey that generates an authentication key. Leo also uses an authenticator program on his phone called AUTHY. Also, check out ID.Me.

Watch Joe from California Comments

Joe wants to know what would be better for doing a virtual choir practice, Jitsi or Zoom? Leo says that the real challenge is latency, the delay between all the connections. Regular video conferencing doesn't work for rehearsals. They don't' prioritize for latency. Leo says there are some music-centric services like Jammr.  

Watch John from Marina Del Rey, CA Comments

John is noticing that the audio when he watches streaming TV is starting to get out of sync. Leo says it's not uncommon. But since he can watch the same TV on other devices, it's likely the TV. Look in the audio settings to adjust the sync. Check the cable.  He can also try changing the audio encoding. Make sure the effects options are off. The smart volume is off. Check out this article on how to fix issues on a Vizio for audio delay -

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Douglas from Long Island, NY Comments

Doug is in the market for a microphone. Leo uses the Heil PR40. It's great for video conferencing. But there's a vast variety of setups out there. 
How can you stop zoom bombing? Leo says you can go into the settings and block them. And zoom is creating a waiting room now. Check out this article - Here's another -

Watch Tanner from Santa Barbara, CA Comments

Tanner is looking for a computer for college. He's thinking about buying the new MacBook Air. Leo says the Mac Air has a redesigned keyboard and it's fixing that nagging problem of the old butterfly keyboard design. But the processor is underpowered. if you're planning on doing video editing or other labor-intensive work, Leo says the MacBook Pro is a better option. But for a student, the Air is awesome.

Watch Brett from New Jersey Comments

Brett's friend has a laptop running Windows 7 that he upgraded to Windows 10. But it keeps crashing. If she resets it, would it lose the Windows 7 installation key? What she can do is authorize it for that computer. Then reinstall. It'll fix the problem. Hit the Windows key and type system. If it says Windows is activated, then she can wipe the drive and start over with no worries about losing that activation. Also, make sure she gets all the drivers for that model (Dell).