Sam Abuelsamid and flipping a switch

Episode 1682 (30:17)

Sam Abuelsamid

Sam joins Leo to clear the air over why President Trump had to evoke the Defense Authorization Act to get automobile manufacturers to switch to making ventilators for the pandemic. Sam says GM didn't refuse to help; it's just a huge task to make a switch from making cars to making medical equipment. And using the DAA enables the government to clear several hurdles to enable them to make medical equipment that will pass FDA regs. You can just flip a switch.

Meanwhile, NASCAR, IndyCar, and others have shut down for the season. But they are working with an eSports league known as iRacing to create virtual racing over video games. And it's being broadcast by Fox Sports. And it looks pretty good. In fact, it's becoming pretty popular as ratings are higher for the eSports Racing than the real thing.