Chris Marquardt ... Improvising

Episode 1682 (1:01:32)

Chris Marquardt

Still stuck at home, and that means it's time to improvise. This quarantine has taken Chris back to when he had little in the way of gear and had to get creative. Take a photo of yourself every day and document your isolation. It's also a great time to explore the lighting in your home. Daylight is the best light you have, and diffuse light is nice and soft. Shoot your garden. There's macro photography. Food photography. Tabletop photography. Product photography.

Here's a fun project - Create a light tent, shining a light on the outside to create a diffused dome of light, to create a lightbox. Use it to take pictures of items. A cardboard box can be used. About 20"x20"x20". Cut holes into four sides. Font. Right. Left and Top. Leave about an inch or two bezel around. Then tape some parchment paper over those openings. Then light it. And it doesn't matter what camera you use either.