Scott Wilkinson and the Hip Dac

Episode 1681 (18:28)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott joins Leo to talk about digital-analog converters in mobile phones. Leo says some phones have good DACs, like LG, while others don't, like the iPhone. But Scott says a company called iFi has a new DAC called the HipDac, which also works as an amp. You plug it into the lightning port of an iPhone or USB-C for Android. Scott says the audio quality of the iFi is fantastic. Very liquidy smooth sound. It also has it's own 2200 mAh battery so it doesn't drain your phone. You can also plug it straight into your computer for power. Leo says that it could also replace the DAC in your computer. There's also XBass that puts back the Bass you lose when listening on earbuds or AirPods. The price is $149. 

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