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Watch Patricia from California Comments

Patricia's cat is missing and wants to know how she can use cameras to find her. Leo says to post notices to apps like Facebook, and Then, she can get the WyzeCam, which is wifi connected, has night vision and is motion detected. She can then be notified by the camera when the cat comes into view. She can even talk to the cat live through the camera. It can't be purchased through Amazon right now, because they are prioritizing essentials. But Patricia can buy the cameras directly from the Wyzecam website. The best thing is, they're cheap at around $20. 

Watch Janelle from Oregon Comments

Janelle has a Netgear Orbi and she's been having issues with her RING doorbell dropping out front. Leo says that RING works best on 2.4 GHz, but that's also very congested. Leo suggests going into the RING settings and set the RING to connect to the 2.4 GHz band. And if she can name the band, it can be easier to connect. But she also may have a neighbor that has a powerful router that is knocking the connection offline. Wifi also doesn't like going through barriers, and since Janelle is trying to go out to her tiny house in the backyard, having the router line of sight near a window facing it would be best. There's a great article on ARS Technica on how to position your router for the best signals. Orbi also has an outdoor satellite option, that may work better.

Watch Dan from New Jersey Comments

Dan likes to hike and he's been using a hiking app called AVENZA, which offers maps of hiking trails of the nation's parks. It's also available on iOS and Android. The maps are also GPS enabled so you can see where you are. Leo says that going out in nature during times like this can not only be good exercise, but it can be reassuring, and having a map that is GPS enabled will help keep from getting lost. Leo also says there's a local open source project called OPEN STREET MAP, which is crowdsourced and the maps tend to be more accurate. It's also used by Google Maps, BING maps, and others. You can actually update the app by marrying your GPS on the phone through the app. It then updates the map directly. 

Dan also wants to be able to create a form and edit it as a PDF. Leo says that Mac Preview will do it. Word will do it. And FoxIt. The chatroom says that TechRadar has an article on the best free PDF editor here.

Watch Stan from Irvine, California Comments

Stan heard that Symantec-Norton broke up and is now called Norton Lifelock. He doesn't trust it right now and wants to know what he needs to do for it. Leo says he doesn't need it anyway. Windows Defender comes with Windows 10 and it's always updated. It also uses sandboxing so that if Defender is compromised, the rest of the OS won't be. And it's free. So get rid of Norton.

What about Lifelock? Leo says Lifelock still has value, but you can do a lot of that by putting a freeze on a credit rating so that nobody can mess with it. Contact all three reporting agencies for that.  

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Watch Marshall from San Diego, CA Comments

Marshall is in an orchestra and they can't rehearse right now. How can they use the internet to create an online rehearsal? Leo says the main challenge now is having a low latency conferencing setup. Turn off video. Don't use WiFi. Be wired when you use it. Leo says that iOS has lower latency than Android does. So you could try Facetime. It's doable. Another program to try is Jammr. It's designed for playing music online. There's also JamKazam. Both have free trials. Scooter X says there's also one called Sofasession. Here's also an article on Reverb Magazine -


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Watch Mike from Portland, OR Comments

Mike wants to know how to stream workout videos from his iPhone to his TV. Leo says that using Airplay is great, but he will need an Apple TV to do it. He can connect a phone to the TV directly by using a lightning adapter. But Apple Airplay with Apple TV is the ideal method. Android can also do it if the TV is compatible with it. Samsung, though, tends to only work well with Samsung TVs. 

Check out for hundreds of fresh workout videos.

Watch Daniel from Victorville, CA Comments

Daniel wants to know how to move the video he shot on his mobile phone and burn it so he can watch it on TV without having to turn his head sideways. Leo says that video editing software can do it. The local Costco may be able to do it as well. He can also just airplay it directly.

Watch "Beefteam" from Purdue University Comments

Beefteam has a Mac Mini and he wants to know if he should upgrade it by beefing up the RAM in his Mac Mini for better video performance or get an external GPU. It's also overheating. Blackmagic has an external GPU that is well ventilated and won't be subject to the heat from the processor. Adding RAM will not make the computer cooler, but the external GPU will. Check out the Sonnet EGPU Puck. She can get it at the Apple Store too.