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Watch Steve from Ontario, Canada Comments

Steve wants to know if MVNOs can be used in Canada. Leo isn't sure what the law is for MVNOs in Canada, but even if you did sign up for a US MVNO, and were compatible, you'd likely be on the hook for roaming. From the Chatroom - 7 Eleven has an MVNO for Rogers. It's called Speak Out. So you can go to a local store and pick up a card/phone.

Watch Brian from Nashville, TN Comments

Brian has a couple of friends that want to start a podcast. Leo says it's a great time to start one, and you can get started with just a smartphone thanks to Anchor.FM. There's also Twisted Wave, an app. In fact, a smartphone has everything you need to do a professional-sounding podcast. But if you want to expand, Leo says an Emotiv mic will plug into your phone and give you a little better audio. Anchor.FM can then be the publisher. They will also bring it up to iTunes and other podcasting aggregators. You also get a web page. And they don't charge you either.  They also show you how to podcast. ScooterX in the chatroom found this link -

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Watch Mike from St. Cloud, MN Comments

Mike wants to get his parents a new Chromebook, but he's concerned that Google won't update them after a few years. Leo says that Google says that they will update them up to five years. But one, Chromebooks are extremely secure by design, so even after its end of life, you still can use it online and two, Chromebooks are cheap to replace. Worst case, you may run into issues visiting some websites. Check out about Chromebook's end of life and Auto Update policy here.

Watch John from Round Rock, Texas Comments

John wants to become a Minecraft developer. He has a MacMini, and it's laggy. So he needs to look at getting a windows based machine for a server. Leo uses a Linux Box running Debian. Leo says you may not have to use another computer. Leo says to look in the settings and see if you can optimize it. You may have to run it from the command line, but it should be plenty powerful and fast to run Minecraft. Check out your memory switches in the start command. Under the command line, you start it with -x ms. There are two different memory settings running SPIGOT. 

Hell, you can use a Raspberry Pi. Check out your plugins as well. They can kill you. But if you want to get a dedicated server, Leo advises a NUC. Run Linux on it and it'll be lean and mean. Also, port forward to a dedicated port and turn on the white list feature if you're going public with it.

Watch Jay from Wooster, MA Comments

Jay is getting feedback on his father's call recorder. Leo says it may be from the microphone after you record the outgoing message.

Watch Tony from West Palm Beach, Florida Comments

Tony moved from AT&T to Comcast for his landline service, and while he was out of service for 4-5 days, the service so far has been wonderful.

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Watch Irwin from The Bronx, New York Comments

Irwin's wife is using Zoom for attending class. But suddenly, they can't get a webcam delivered. Leo says that Amazon is prioritizing important things like TP and food delivery right now, so you may have to wait. But if you have a laptop with a camera, you can still chat. Or, you can connect your DSLR to your computer with a live HDMI cable and use it as your webcam. A camcorder will work as well. But if your computer doesn't have an HDMI IN option, then you may need to get an HDMI to USB adapter. Your smartphone will also work as it has a camera, and there is a Zoom app. But if you're using this for attending classes online, you may not need the camera at all. Other apps include DUO, Skype, Viber, Facetime (iPhone).  You can even use that Phone as a webcam if you use Android. The app is called DROID CAM, and you need the DroidCam client for the PC. You can connect over WiFi or USB.

Watch Ed from Lovettown, PA Comments

Ed has a friend who is tired of paying hundreds for cable TV. Leo says to cut the cable! You can get an antenna if you're within line of sight of the transmitter and get HD TV for free. But he's concerned because he wants to use a Tableau computer and with ATSC3, he may not be able to watch TV on that, or any other TV. Leo says that according to the ATSC website, ATSC 3 will likely be incompatible because it's not backwards compatible. That baffles Leo because ATSC3 was sold with backwards compatibility as a feature. But if this is true, people will likely have to buy some sort of converter. There will be a transitional stage, and Leo suspects it'll be compatible initially. But the interactivity portions of ATSC 3 won't be. But in five years, a lot can change. It's certainly nothing to worry about at this time.

Watch Walter from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Walter has two computers running Windows 10, but every time it upgrades, it forces him to reinstall his printers, even though he uses Google Cloud Print. Leo says that Google Cloud Print is going away because most printers now print wirelessly via WiFi. But they do recommend installing CUPS drivers. It's odd though that Windows breaks the connection to a wired printer when updated. Print directly via WiFi. It'll not only be easier to print, but it should also be easier to update. Look for a CUPS driver for your printer. That may be the easiest solution.

The chatroom suggests connecting your printer to your router. 

Watch Doug from Beaumont, CA Comments

Doug has three different Windows 10 computers, but programs operating differently on all three. Incredimail has gone away, and so he tried Mozilla Thunderbird. Leo says that it probably has to do with how each computer was set up, which prompted POP3 instead of IMAP. You'll need to uninstall Thunderbird and reinstall. You have to use an IMAP server and port. What Leo suggests exporting the profile on the right Thunderbird computer, and import it into the other two.