What's a Good Outdoor Projector?

Episode 1679 (1:06:25)

Steve from Thornton, CO

Steve wants to create an outdoor movie theater for his neighborhood during this time of self-isolation/social distancing. Leo says the "throw distance" is dependent on brilliance. The farther he goes, the brighter the projector needs to be. However, Leo has been using an Anker Portable Projector that works quite well. Check it out here - https://www.seenebula.com. Epson also makes some really good ones.  A short-throw projector or rear-facing projector may be a good option. You will also want to go with a movie screen over a sheet because it'll have better reflectivity over a sheet. 

Also, check out theWireCutter.com for the best affordable projectors. How about PA systems? Leo says that any home theater system will work.