Scott Wilkinson ... Throttled

Episode 1679 (19:33)

Scott Wilkinson

During this period of social distancing, everyone is streaming. As such, Netflix has had to lower the resolution quality of streaming down to SD in Europe in order to handle the load. That's a significant degradation if you have a 4K TV. Will it happen here? Scott wouldn't be surprised if it does. As more people shelter in place, they'll be watching more, and streaming more. Coupled with working at home, kids having virtual classes online, internet traffic is going way up. Leo says one way around this is to cache content. 

Scott also wants to talk about VR and says that the PiMax 8K headset looks much better for VR. He saw it at CES in January and the resolution is great. Still, it's a giant headset that's expensive $900 and is a giant headset that makes you look dorky.