Johnny Jet ... Shut Down

Episode 1679 (1:14:30)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet says that with Airlines cancelling flights and now shutting down, there are ways you can get your money back, even if you're the one cancelling the flight. Johnny Jet says do not call the airlines right now to cancel, because they are busy getting people home from overseas. Wait until the last minute, and if they cancel the flight, you can more easily get your money back. If you bought a trip with your credit card, within the last 60 days, you can get your money back according to federal law. Things are also changing by the day, and as time goes on, your trip is more likely to be cancelled by the airlines. Johnny also predicts that the Olympics are going to be cancelled. 

Will the big airlines go out of business? Johnny doesn't think so. He says that the airlines will get a bailout, and they really are essential. But smaller travel companies will take a severe hit, and may go under. One thing is for certain, the travel industry will be forever changed by all of this.