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Watch Tom from Warren, OH Comments

Tom wants to know what Apple has done with the iPhone 11 camera. He's having issues with editing the software. Leo says that's likely because Apple has adopted the HEIC image codec, which is a new standard that not every program supports. He can change the format in camera settings, but he can also export it as RAW or JPG when sharing.  Leo says that Apple saves full-res versions on iCloud, while caching lower-res versions on the iPhone. So when users open it in the photo editor, they have to wait for the phone to download the full-res version before the app can open it. They can change that in the photo app settings.

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Watch Steve from Thornton, CO Comments

Steve wants to create an outdoor movie theater for his neighborhood during this time of self-isolation/social distancing. Leo says the "throw distance" is dependent on brilliance. The farther he goes, the brighter the projector needs to be. However, Leo has been using an Anker Portable Projector that works quite well. Check it out here - Epson also makes some really good ones.  A short-throw projector or rear-facing projector may be a good option. You will also want to go with a movie screen over a sheet because it'll have better reflectivity over a sheet. 

Also, check out for the best affordable projectors. How about PA systems? Leo says that any home theater system will work.

Watch Joey from San Diego, CA Comments

Joey wants to know how to do a remote desktop with his home computer so he can work. Will handle it? Leo says that is a good middle man since remote desktop requires one to open up a port on the router to do it. RemotePC handles that for users. RemotePC also allows users to use a phone in the same fashion. 

Joey hears the iPhone 12 is coming out. Should he upgrade now or wait? Leo says to wait. The 12 may be delayed, but it will have 5G capability, improved cameras, faster processor. And by then, the phone networks will have worked out the 5G availability, and Apple will have worked out the flaws in 5G including terrible battery life.

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Watch Gary from Woodland Hills, CA Comments

Gary's wife is a teacher working at home and he wants to know what to get to make her job easier. First off, Leo says to get a more comfortable chair for her. He also needs a computer for her. Leo says a laptop would be good and Apple's new MacBook Air is about as close to the ideal laptop as you can get. Great screen. Faster. Yet light. And since Gary's wife uses a Mac at school, the MacBook Air is perfect. And she could get an educational discount. The only negative on the MacAir is that it doesn't have any ports other than a single USB-C connector. So he will need to get the HyperDrive accessory.

The iPad Pro is also another option. It has a new Magic Keyboard and trackpad. It'll be out in May. iOS 13 will also give the iPad Pro mouse support. 

Another option is a Chromebook since many schools are using Chromebooks now for their students. 

Watch Jerry from Dearborn, MI Comments

Jerry is looking for video conferencing software to be able to do book club meetings online. Leo says HouseParty is great for eight or fewer people. Google Hangouts is another option, which is Leo's favorite. It can handle up to 250 people. Zoom is another, but it's not free and is being used currently for schools and businesses.  Microsoft's Teams Software has been made free for the next six months due to everyone sheltering in place. Leo also recommends using USB headsets.

Watch Buzz from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

Buzz bought an Amazon Fire Stick and has an old Yamaha Receiver for it, but it doesn't have HDMI. He's managed to connect it, but he gets no audio. Leo says that most TVs have one HDMI/ARC. That's the Audio Return Channel. He wants to plug the FireStick there. But he also wants to also use the optical connection for sound. That's what Buzz did, but it doesn't work on the Firestick. Everything else is fine. The audio settings may need to be changed. Look at the TV setup.  Try using the PCM Audio setting. The FireTV stick may require an unencoded version, which PCM is. The TV will then pass that on to the AV receiver!

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