How can I easily tag hundreds of my scanned photos?

Episode 1678 (1:33:40)

Joe from Manhattan Beach, CA
Google Photos

Joe recently renovated his house and put in cat6 ethernet while he had the walls bare.

Joe's wife also scanned all their images. He wants to know how to input metadata for all those images. Leo says that Google Photos will upload them in the background and then use photo recognition to separate the subjects. You can then give each person a name. It will also be able to figure out where the images were taken. Amazon Prime photos do a similar job. How about a NAS for storage? Synology's NAS has a photo utility called Moments that does a similar job, but it costs more and doesn't do as good a job. There's also the NEST Home Hub.

Leo suggests putting all those images on Google Photos and then using the Google NEST Hub Photo Frame to showcase them.