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Watch Doctor Mom from San Diego, CA Comments

Doctor Mom is self quarantining right now to remain safe. As a grandma and a doctor, she wants to stay healthy. But she's also currently on an emergency preparedness list due to being a retired medical professional. She wants to create a message chain. Leo says there's a thing called NIXLE that enables you to send group messages for emergencies. But she wants to do it in a manner that prevents group replies flooding people as well. Google Forms could be an excellent way to do it, but the responses have to be checked constantly.

From Scooter X in the chatroom - Then there's Facebook Crisis Response

Watch Tony from Katie, TX Comments

Tony has a podcast all about Jeeps. Leo says that the best way to be successful with a podcast is to go NARROW. A niche podcast will not only enable you to build an audience of like-minded listeners but also make it easier to get advertisers. He gets a decent number of downloads, but after nine years, it's not as good as he expected. How can he get the word out? Leo says that having an existing audience helps, but it can be very tough. There are 7,000 new podcasts every week, with about 20% out by the three episodes. 

The first thing to do is to have a good website design. Then become active in the communities that you want to reach. Engage in social media with good use of hashtags, too.

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Watch Collins from Mayfield, Kentucky Comments

Now that Windows has killed Workgroups, what's the best way to share files for his network? Leo says that file sharing is still available in Windows through File Explorer. But make sure you share with permissions to keep your network secure. What about a NAS? Leo says that a NAS will work, but they can get expensive with having to buy enclosures separate from the drives the data is housed in. 

Watch Lucas from Denmark Comments

With schools closing and kids staying home, Lucas wants to have a way to set screen time on computers and iPad. Leo says that you can do that. What iPad should he get that supports pencil and keyboard? Leo says that the least expensive iPad doesn't support the Apple Pencil and keyboard. But there will be new iPad Pros coming really soon, perhaps as soon as tomorrow. But Apple has closed all stores due to the Coronavirus outbreak, but you can buy them online. But supplies may be limited due to shortages in manufacturing. Pencil 1 is better because it offers more pressure sensitivity. 

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Watch Jeff from Nashville, TN Comments

Jeff wants to know if a Chromebook can be used to watch TV. Leo says you can, but you need internet access to do it via streaming. Can he connect an antenna and watch? Leo says no. That doesn't work. A Chromebook needs internet access to work, and it doesn't have a tuner. So to add all that will cost a lot. But with decent internet access, you can then subscribe to YouTubeTV and enjoy it. You're better off going over to,, or and finding an antenna for your TV. It'll even show you which way to point it.

Watch Joe from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Joe recently renovated his house and put in cat6 ethernet while he had the walls bare.

Joe's wife also scanned all their images. He wants to know how to input metadata for all those images. Leo says that Google Photos will upload them in the background and then use photo recognition to separate the subjects. You can then give each person a name. It will also be able to figure out where the images were taken. Amazon Prime photos do a similar job. How about a NAS for storage? Synology's NAS has a photo utility called Moments that does a similar job, but it costs more and doesn't do as good a job. There's also the NEST Home Hub.

Leo suggests putting all those images on Google Photos and then using the Google NEST Hub Photo Frame to showcase them. 

Watch Gary from Scottsdale, AZ Comments

Gary uses a Lenovo Thinkpad and the latest 7th generation laptop doesn't seem as bright as an older 6th gen model. Is that normal? Does going 4K sacrifice brightness or is something wrong? Leo says that due to battery life, laptops never go to full brightness by default. You can look in the BIOS settings for brightness and see if it's set lower. Leo found his set at half. Press F12 on boot to access. Also check the Thinkpad SubReddit. That's a good place to ask.

Watch Ron from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Ron needs to change the battery on his Samsung Gear 3. But nobody will do it. Leo says that's because it's not considered replaceable. But has videos and tools for doing it yourself, and Leo says while it says it's moderately difficult, he thinks it's doable.

Watch Joe from Tampa, FL Comments

Joe wants to know if the personal vault feature of OneDrive is easier to use. He's copied and pasted folders into it and finds now that there are duplicates. Leo says that Microsoft apps save things to backup by default. Also, personal vault is encrypted for your security. It won't automatically sync from multiple places, just that my documents folder. Plus, you'd have to unlock it every time you need access.