How can I unclog my printer head?

Episode 1676 (45:30)

Steve from San Clemente, California
A Printer Head

Steve has an Epson all in one printer, and recently it's started to print lighter and lighter, making it steadily unreadable. Leo says that the heads are clogged, preventing ink from getting through the head to the page. He cleaned the heads with a video he saw on YouTube, and now it won't print at all. Leo says that printers are always being problematic. He recommends calling Epson and see if there's a replacement head assembly. It may be cheaper than buying a new printer.  The problem with all inkjets is that if they aren't used regularly, the ink in the heads dry and clog. It requires a thorough nozzle cleaning, more than once. The downside is, that'll empty your ink cartridge pretty quickly. If you don't print very often, a laser printer is a much better buy. They won't do color very well, but they won't clog either.