How can I stop Apple from charging me for things I didn't authorize?

Episode 1676 (1:11:59)

George from Laguna Nigel, CA

George is being billed hundreds of dollars by Apple that he didn't authorize. He tried changing the credit card, and they just resubmit the bill. But he doesn't get an email from Apple letting him know the charge is being made. Leo advises going to your iTunes store account settings and look at your purchase history. It will also show subscriptions. The itemized purchase history, though, will enable you to track down where the charges are coming from. It may also be in-app purchases that are causing it and you can remove those. Check out There you can verify charges and have apple take off those you don't authorize. 

He's also getting charges on the Playstation network as well. Leo advises using to generate one-time credit card charging accounts, so this won't be repeated. You can also disconnect your card from the Playstation account.