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Watch Joe from Toronto, Canada Comments

Joe is a podcaster who is looking for a more reliable alternative to Skype for doing a podcast with multiple guests. Leo says he's tried just about everything, and Skype really is the best, mostly because of their audio codec, which minimizes latency and sounds really good. Having good bandwidth on both ends is key. Good mics also helps. And make sure that you do nothing else on that computer. Have a dedicated Skype computer for that purpose. Also, reboot your computer and turn everything off. Make sure no one in the house is using the Internet either. 

Watch Tony from West Palm Beach, FL Comments

Tony wants to know if he can add a third party tire pressure monitoring system to his 94 Toyota Pickup. Sam says that over at, there are third party systems available. 

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Watch Steve from San Clemente, California Comments

Steve has an Epson all in one printer, and recently it's started to print lighter and lighter, making it steadily unreadable. Leo says that the heads are clogged, preventing ink from getting through the head to the page. He cleaned the heads with a video he saw on YouTube, and now it won't print at all. Leo says that printers are always being problematic. He recommends calling Epson and see if there's a replacement head assembly. It may be cheaper than buying a new printer.  The problem with all inkjets is that if they aren't used regularly, the ink in the heads dry and clog. It requires a thorough nozzle cleaning, more than once. The downside is, that'll empty your ink cartridge pretty quickly. If you don't print very often, a laser printer is a much better buy. They won't do color very well, but they won't clog either. 

Watch Neil from New Mexico Comments

Neil has a Sony Vaio laptop running Windows XP and knows he should upgrade to Windows 10. Can he and still run 32 bit? Leo says that 32 bit won't be a problem with Windows 10, but the machine may be too old and not have enough RAM to run it. It's worth a try though, and you can roll it back if it doesn't work well. What you could try is to download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool, burn it to a DVD and then boot to that DVD to see if it'll run. If it does, however, it'll likely be really slow. Leo advises using Linux on it. Xubuntu is a good version to install. Another is PuppyLinux.

From the Chatroom, you'll need to upgrade to Windows 7 first, and XP won't upgrade to Windows 10 for free. So you'd need to buy Windows 10. NOT WORTH IT.

Watch George from Laguna Nigel, CA Comments

George is being billed hundreds of dollars by Apple that he didn't authorize. He tried changing the credit card, and they just resubmit the bill. But he doesn't get an email from Apple letting him know the charge is being made. Leo advises going to your iTunes store account settings and look at your purchase history. It will also show subscriptions. The itemized purchase history, though, will enable you to track down where the charges are coming from. It may also be in-app purchases that are causing it and you can remove those. Check out There you can verify charges and have apple take off those you don't authorize. 

He's also getting charges on the Playstation network as well. Leo advises using to generate one-time credit card charging accounts, so this won't be repeated. You can also disconnect your card from the Playstation account.

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Watch Brenda from Fullerton, California Comments

Brenda wants to know if the Raspberry Pi is a computer that her grandkids could learn with. Leo says absolutely. It can not only teach kids how computers work but teach them how to program. You can run Windows on it; you can run Minecraft on it. It's an excellent computer for kids, and it's only about $35. But that's only the board. It's not the computer monitor, keyboard, or mouse. Check out ADAFRUIT; they have a great starter pack for around $100. Can you block websites? Leo says not on the Raspberry Pi, but you can do it from the router. Check out Disney's Circle

Watch John from San Diego, California Comments

John is starting to get strange sounds when his phone charges. It's like a railroad sound. Leo says it sounds like a notification sound for charging. It can be turned off in the settings. Leo also recommends scheduling a DO NOT DISTURB session when you go to sleep, with no notifications after a certain hour. 

Watch Vanessa from California Comments

Vanessa has a two-year-old 27" iMac. She uses it for her drone photography editing, but her SD card adapters aren't reading. Leo suspects that the SD cards aren't reading because of the format they've been formatted in. It may be due to formatting the card in the drone itself.  Leo recommends Disc Utility on the Mac and format the card with ExFAT. Copy off the data first though with a Windows machine. Also, make sure you use a card that the Mac supports. Another way is to connect the drone to your iMac with a USB cable and see if you can get the data off by using the drone as your card reader. Check out this forum post - You may also have a failing SD card.

Watch Jay from Worcester, MS Comments

Jay wants to put a magnet on his tablet to mount it, but he's worried that it will mess up the GPS and the tablet itself. Leo says it won't. More likely, the GPS will drop out if it doesn't get a clear line of sight connection. But phone or tablet GPS is kinda notorious for being a bit inaccurate.

Watch Steve from Granada Hills, CA Comments

Steve bought an Asus 536 2 in 1 notebook, which comes with a 256 GB storage, and a 2TB data drive. Good buy? Leo says they're great. What's the battery life about? Leo says that the battery life may be short, read the reviews. Leo recommends keeping all your data on the 2TB drive, and the programs on the 256GB drive. You can specify that in WIndows settings.