Why's My Streaming So Slow on the TV?

Episode 1675 (35:55)

Gordon from Columbus, OH

Gordon cut the cord in favor of streaming through Verizon. After he did that, his streaming speeds plummetted. But it doesn't with his computer. Leo suspects that the issue is due to the WiFi connection to the TV. Most TVs have terrible WiFi radios in them. Leo recommends having a wired connection to television. Use a streaming box, like a ROKU to handle the WiFi and then connect wired to the TV. Another option is to get a MESH Router.

There's a good article on ARS Technica about WiFi and how it's so bad. And what he can do to make it better. The placement of your WiFi router is everything. There's a ton of things getting in the way and if he can minimize the number of walls between your TV and the router, the better. And if possible, put the router high in the room. 

Another option is the Powerline Networking.