Johnny Jet ... Grounded

Episode 1675 (1:14:00)

Johnny Jet

This week, Johnny Jet is "grounded." Due to the Corona Virus outbreak, he's limited himself by avoiding unnecessary travel. Johnny Jet says he would not go on a cruise ship right now, simply because you could get quarantined and if you are, your chances of getting infected go up. But if you have to travel, Johnny Jet recommends bringing antibacterial wipes to wipe down your seat, tray table, window, anything you may come in contact with. And bring along hand sanitizer and wash your hands often. You can't really be too careful. Check out Johnny Jet's Corona Virus Resource Page. There's also this site - NCOVID2019.LIVE. A lot of travel insurance sites are not covering the Covid19 outbreak. But if you had already paid for your travel before the outbreak, it will. Johnny Jet recommends checking out Also Alliance. 

Johnny Jet also suspects that many airlines and other travel companies will end up going out of business because of travel bans and a lack of travelers. But it's a good time to travel if you're into deals.